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Five Trees Planted For Every Pair Sold

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Five Trees Planted

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Five Trees Planted For Every pair Sold

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Do you spend more than 3 hours per day in front of a screen? All digital devices emit blue light which can be detrimental to your eyes if they aren't protected.

Designed for the digital generation to prevent headaches, eye strain, blurry vision and fatigue which comes from hours staring at digital devices all while improving sleep cycles.

Nomad's Blue Light Blocking glasses prevent harmful blue light overexposure reaching your eyes. Keeping you feeling fresh, productive and allowing you to focus longer. 

Studies show that Blue Light glasses actually make you more productive, but don't worry, we won't tell your boss.

• Frame Colour: Gloss Pink

• Lens: Organic CR39 Advanced Blue Light Blocking Lens


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• Organic CR39 Advanced Blue Light Blocking Lens
• Scratch Resistant coating
• Blocks 100% of Blue Light under 410nm


• GRS Certified 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic
• Super Light Weight (22g)
• Patented Screwless Hinges
• Flexible & Durable Frames


• Recycled Cardboard Box
• rPET Cleaning bag
• Good times

*Box and bag design may vary.

Our Blue Lights are RUBBISH. No really, they are! 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic Blue Lights.

We are inspired by nature and we are committed to protecting our environment by using recycled materials to create our sunnies.

All of our Blue Light Glasses are made with 100% recycled plastic that is collected from oceans around the world. Our cleanup project reaches all the way from the shores of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The plastic is cleaned, crushed into flakes, melted into useable pellets and then formed into your new favourite sunnies!

Formerly trash, currently awesome!


These glasses will plant 5 mangrove trees on your behalf.

We are on a mission to do our bit for the planet. We may be a small company, but the global climate issue is mighty.

For every pair of Nomads sold, we’ll plant 5 mangrove trees on your behalf in Madagascar. This gives crucial income to local villagers so they can provide for their families and will aid in vital mangrove reforestation to rebuild much needed eco-system and fight climate change.

We believe in complete transparency, so after purchase you will receive an email giving you access to your tree-planting dashboard where you can track your unique impact. Here you will see where your trees are planted, by whom and get updates as they grow. The tree planting is executed by the amazing Eden Reforestation Projects and tracked by Verdn.

With your help, we can make a big difference.


We've done the research and the benefits are clear...

So, what is Blue Light?

Blue light is a segment of the visible light spectrum responsible for keeping you alert. Our bodies have adapted to the amount given off by the sun. But, in an ever increasing digital world, the concentrated blue light emitted from devices (phones, tablets, laptops, TVs etc) is damaging to our eyes and health.

Blue light penetrates your retinas, telling your brain it's time to wake up. Extended exposure to blue lights can impact your wellbeing, causing headaches, eye strain and fatigue as well as disrupting healthy sleep patterns.

Specs education

And that's why we created Nomad Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Nomad Blue Light lenses have a special coating specifically designed for those who spend hours in front of screen - whether it's working on your laptop, scrolling on your phone, zoom calls on your tablet or binging Netflix on your TV.

They prevent harmful blue light reaching your eyes. Keeping you feeling fresh, productive and allowing you to focus longer. Developed by expert Optometrists, our Blue Light Glasses block 100% of harmful blue light between 300-400nm and up to 55% of blue light between 400-470nm (which is technical talk for "really good"!)

Good for you, great for the planet

These Blue Light Glasses are really, they are! All of our frames are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. So you know when you purchase a pair, you're not just helping your eyes, but you're helping the planet too.

Every pair of Nomads also plants five trees thanks to our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.